just4fun & WE NEED A NEW MAN

14 Apr 2010

Another of our favourite male bloggers, We Need A New Man by Eudald, has set his eyes on just4fun, mentioning the importance of leggings in a guy's life, of course!!!!! We CAN'T wait to see him with ones on!!! Would we???

"As the name indicates, my friends Susana Del Sol and Carlota Santamaria started this project "just4fun". A line of leggings and bodysuits with exclusive prints and all limited editions for girls and boys. They are all carefully manufactured in Barcelona and if you would like to get some, start shopping now at their website! Just4funweb.com they will courier them to you ASAP!
We all know it was going to be difficult to see boys with those, but well, they've managed pretty well to get some examples! Here some pictures they sent to me."

Johny Price a rock band from Barcelona
photos by: German Rigol

Some future customers in a fair in Madrid
photos by: Carlos Luque

Pelayo from KateLovesMe

1 comment:

Eudald said...

Eudald is coming to Barcelona for Primavera sound festival, please, get some leggings ready for him as he is going to catwalk some of those amaaaaazing Just4Fun designs all around town!!!! :D
Congratulations girls! Keep on the good work! lots of love! xxxx